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Should your pub be selling quality coffee?

03-Nov-2015 09:00:00 by WMF Marketing Team

The UK pub scene is evolving in new and exciting ways. It’s no longer enough for some pubs to offer a selection of beer, soft drinks and bar snacks – there is growing demand for home-cooked meals, craft ales, extensive wine menus and, of course, high-quality coffee.

Many pub owners across the country have natural concerns about introducing these new products into their establishments – but we’ve helped dozens of pubs across the country install commercial coffee machines into their premises, giving them a new revenue stream and impressing even the most discerning customers.

Take Nicky and John Hamilton, for example. Owners of the Riverbank Pub for just over two years, the two were happy serving loyal local customers and a steady stream of seasonal tourists, with John working in the kitchen and Nicky taking care of front of house.

For Nicky and John, offering high-quality coffee was a priority. They wanted to maximise the opportunity for repeat custom and word of mouth recommendations that would cement their local following and get new customers through the door. The pub already had a bean to cup machine, but Nicky and John felt let down by the after-sales service from the provider in question, and they needed a company that would provide a stellar product to satisfy demand, as well as being able to keep the unit maintained over the years.

WMF 1200S pub commercial coffee machine

Their local coffee roaster, recommended WMF coffee machines to Nicky and John, and they quickly chose to install an 1200S automatic bean to cup machine in their pub, to keep up with demand for around 55 coffees every day – often more during peak times.

“We’ve had a 1200S since February; it’s perfect for us because of its small footprint, and it matches our anticipated levels of usage,” said Nicky. “The ability to adjust the strength of a drink without affecting the default settings really enables us to offer a bespoke drink to our customers. The drinks are superb; the foam is of a superior quality, and cleaning couldn’t be easier with the Plug & Clean system. We now have a reliable machine that looks really professional, with no more stress and no more headaches!”

WMF quality pub coffee - professional coffee machine

This happy customer is just one of many across the country that have be thrilled with the introduction of a professional bean to cup machine into their pub. As the industry evolves, pub owners must do everything they can to meet demand – and our automatic bean to cup machines allow them to do just that, without – as Nicky says – the stress and headaches.

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Written by WMF Marketing Team

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