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Coffee consumption around the world

17-Nov-2017 11:35:42 by WMF Marketing Team


Coffee drinking is more popular than it’s ever been around the world, with a 1.3% increase in global coffee consumption since 2012/13, which is now over 2.25 billion cups a day. That’s an extra 28.9 million cups every day! This is at least partly due to the increased popularity of specialist coffee drinks across Europe and the US, as well as in the emerging markets in Asia. But who really drinks the most coffee, and how is that going to affect coffee production in the future?


So who loves coffee the most?

Considering how popular coffee shops are here in the UK, the top 10 list may actually surprise you!

  1.  Finland
  2.  Norway
  3.  Iceland
  4.  Denmark
  5.  Netherlands
  6.  Sweden
  7.  Switzerland
  8.  Belgium
  9.  Luxembourg
  10.  Canada

It does seem logical though that coffee would be most popular in the colder Scandinavian countries, however the fact that USA didn’t break the top 10 is quite surprising. Our love for tea is likely the reason the UK is nowhere near the top, coming in at a number 43. What definitely won’t surprise you though is where we rank in the tea drinking charts, coming a very respectable third, behind Turkey and Ireland.

Outside of the big coffee lovers though, we have seen some substantial growth in the emerging Asian markets such as Indonesia, India, and Vietnam. This seems to mirror the increases in coffee production in these countries, with Vietnam now being the second biggest coffee producer in the world, after the powerhouse of Brazil.


What does this mean for the future?

As coffee trends rise around the world, the demand for different kinds of beans will change to suit the local palette. For example, if the Asian markets continue to grow, there may be much more demand for coffee beans that are particularly suited to cold coffee drinks, in comparison to the strong espresso based beverages popular across Europe.

We could also see changes in coffee preparation as well as cultivation, as different cultures embrace coffee and integrate it with their existing cuisine. As countries with warmer climates continue embrace coffee, who knows what kind of fantastic new innovations we will see in the future? The coffee machines of the future could be programmed to make all kinds of weird and wonderful beverages that we’ve never even heard of!

Why not start customising your drinks now and get ahead of the curve? The WMF MyCoffee App enables the preparation of personal coffee drinks and combinations, such as in the office. For example, with the app you can specify the coffee-to-milk ratio or the strength of the coffee. Simply create your favourite coffee, save the recipe and request it from the coffee machine as often as you like or share with friends. Everyone is bound to find something to their taste.



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