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Commercial coffee machines catering for the real coffee comeback

16-Nov-2015 11:30:41 by WMF Marketing Team

Remember the days when coffee was coffee? When you experienced that mouth-watering aroma and pure rich flavour of real coffee with none of the over-indulgent added extras?

 Food fashions have changed in recent times with a resurgence of interest in simple recipes. Now filter coffee is making a comeback too. In the past year it has gone from being the poor relation to the on-trend beverage for the discerning coffee-lover.

 But gone are the days of stewed, bitter coffee that sat for hours waiting to be served. Today’s consumers want freshness and flavour in their filter coffee experience and that’s what the new generation of commercial coffee machines deliver.

WMf 1200F hotel commercial filter coffee machine

 Topping our popularity stakes is the WMF coffee machine: the WMF 1200F. This affordable commercial filter coffee machine produces high quality coffee – by the cup or by the jug. Unlike those ugly great monstrosities of days gone by, these compact, stylish commercial machines are as good to look at as the coffee is to drink.

 So what’s prompted this renaissance? Why are filter coffee houses springing up – not just across the UK - but world-wide? Well, it’s recognised that filtering is the best way to bring out the flavour in coffee, but finding a commercial coffee machine that was fast, efficient and delivered great coffee was challenging. Until now.

 This is all good news for catering operations. As well as delivering a great product, today’s commercial coffee machines also deliver increased profitability. Previously, filter coffee was the unloved low-end beverage and priced accordingly. The cappuccinos and lattes of the coffee world were the premium products that sold at twice or even three times the price. But with a WMF 1200F , you can move your filter coffee into the premium league and boost your reputation… and your bottom line.

Meet the WMF 1200F commercial coffee machine

Apart from its contemporary good looks, the WMF coffee machine is flexible and fast, delivering 0.5ltr in just 65 seconds. With the optional ‘quantity brewing arm’ you can make filter coffee by the cup or by the jug.

Of course, when it comes to flavour, you can’t beat coffee that’s made from freshly ground beans. The WMF 1200 models come with either one or two hoppers so you can offer your customers a choice of freshly ground blends, or serve your standard house coffee and a decaf option. Prefer to use pre-ground coffee? That’s not a problem. The WMF 1200F has a manual filling option for ground coffee. And if your customers want tea, it boasts a hot water function too.

With just six buttons, the WMF 1200F is simple to operate, meaning less staff training is needed. And if you’re conscious of your carbon footprint, this commercial coffee machine also boasts an energy-saving eco-mode to keep your running costs and energy consumption down.

Here at WMF, we believe these commercial coffee machines really have taken us back to the future. Why not download the WMF 1200F brochure and find out how you can be part of the filter coffee revolution today.

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