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Custom coffee in the workplace

06-Jul-2018 13:10:58 by WMF Marketing Team


The ability to personalise a drink is one of, if not the biggest advantage a coffee shop has over in-house coffee machines at work. Coffee drinkers have grown accustomed to having the freedom to request their own custom drink made exactly how they like it, and ordinarily that simply is not an option for a coffee machine in the workplace. 

We already know that having great quality coffee available at work is a real boost for staff morale and productivity, but that may be reduced if your staff feel like they’re missing out on the experience they’re used to getting from a coffee shop. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get the best of both worlds?


WMF MyCoffee app

This very question is why WMF have developed the innovative MyCoffee app for IOS and Android. The MyCoffee app allows users to personalise their drink and store their favourites in the app, giving fully customisable options for things like the strength of the coffee, and the coffee/milk/foam ratios. The app is incredibly easy to use, with the custom recipe being sent to the machine via Bluetooth. Users can also have plenty of fun sharing their favourite recipes with each other, so you can let your friend try your drink without having to share!


WMF CS thumbnail

Money.co.uk case study

Money.co.uk are one of the market leading price comparison sites in the country, and as such they have been rapidly expanding their team over the last few years. Bigger teams mean bigger coffee queues, so they needed to find a solution that would help to keep their staff happy and productive. Money.co.uk have addressed this through a combination of the sleek and efficient WMF 5000 S coffee machine, and the MyCoffee app. The ability to save their custom coffee orders in advance really maximises the capabilities of the 5000 S, providing the ultimate indulgence at maximum speed. Click here to read the full case study


Read the full Case Study here


Alternatively, download a brochure to see the full range of WMF coffee machines and related products.



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