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Customisation - why is it so important

30-Jan-2017 11:20:24 by WMF Marketing Team


What is customisation?

“The action of modifying something to suit a particular individual or task.”

In business terms, it means to adapt your product or service to enhance the experience of your customer. Another term that tends to come side by side with this is personalisation. This is having the ability to make or alter to meet individual needs, inclinations or specifications.

Customisation is being used more and more by businesses to enable customers to have a smoother experience and build loyalty and faith in the brand.


Who’s doing it?

There are many different ways that customisation can be used across all different industries and sectors. This can affect you in more ways than you might think! From the advert banners you see on amazon, to the recommended music on Spotify these are all customised just for you. Here are two businesses who are winning with their customisations for products and services.

Airbnb image.png

As you can see in the screenshot Airbnb are customising their email communications to match browsing data from their database. Rather than having the generic email with latest offers, they have customised the content so it is relevant to the user’s recent search history on the website. An approach like this could be the difference between using Airbnb over another booking site.

Ford Memory Seats

Ford image.pngFord offer custom seat memory settings for multiple drivers using the same car. No more fiddling around adjusting the seat and the mirrors, this is all done automatically for you. Ford are showing their drivers that they care about their comfort and improving their driving experience.



Get on the wagon!

As we are now moving away from a one size fits all approach, customisation is a key factor to business success. If you’re not already doing it, you need to think about how your customers would benefit from being able to customise your products. If you are using it, are your customers really seeing value in this? Let us know in the comments, we’re keen to hear from you. 

Just imagine, if you could have a custom coffee machine set up just for you, that knows your preferences (among others) and can make you a perfect coffee every time. Yes, just like your favourite barista in your local coffee shop. How great would that be?


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