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How can employers and employees benefit from having an office coffee machine?

13-Jan-2017 10:30:00 by WMF Marketing Team

354x500px-W2-espresso.jpgHow important is coffee to office workers? Is coffee in your office a habit or a treat? Having a coffee machine in the office is key to striking the right balance between the need for caffeine and the importance of embracing coffee culture in the workplace. 

In many offices, coffee is simply seen as a quick kick of energy to wake up in the morning or help to power through the mid-afternoon slump. Whilst caffeine is obviously a major part of the appeal of coffee, there are so many other benefits from creating a ‘coffee culture’ around your workplace by using the right coffee machine.


Coffee breaks

Having coffee readily available for staff encourages them to take breaks to refresh the mind, recharge, and refocus on tasks ahead. The pessimistic readers amongst you will now be thinking “I don’t want to encourage their staff to take breaks, they will never get any work done!”. So if you’re one of these people, please keep an open mind and have faith in your team! By creating the right environment for employees, attitude towards taking more breaks or time away from being chained to the desk will naturally change.


Coffee can improve attention span and sharpen the mind for a challenging task ahead or perhaps an important meeting. With a quality machine on site, this will reduce the time wasted on venturing out to the local coffee shop, queuing and getting back the office.


smilies-bank-sit-rest-160739.jpegHappy staff = a productive business

By providing a coffee machine as a gathering point, this can create a safe zone for employees for informal communication and down time. After all, what’s relaxing about standing around a water cooler! Making staff feeling valued and looked after will ultimately boost the morale of your workforce. This positively contributes to the culture of the business and helps to provide a higher standard of employee satisfaction.

In return for staff feeling valued, they will have a stronger work ethic, will be more productive, and will take less sick days due to being emotionally invested in the business. Over the last couple of years reports have been telling the world that the happier the employees are, the better they will perform…. and in turn be more valuable to the business as a whole. (Reference)

So, what type of machine do you need? Take a look at our commercial coffee machine range here. Everything from the award winning WMF Espresso machine, to expert bean to cup and filter machines. You can use our Photo Simu app to see what it looks like in your break out area too.


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