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How to use commercial coffee machines for cross selling

01-Dec-2015 12:16:30 by WMF Marketing Team


QUESTION:   When is a coffee machine not just a coffee machine?

ANSWER:     When it’s increasing your sales with attention-grabbing adverts!

 WMF’s range of New Generation commercial coffee machines do much more than just make great tasting drinks. Their touch screen technology makes short work of high-end beverages and it also opens up a whole new world of upselling and marketing opportunities!

Whether your commercial coffee machine is self-service or staff-operated, you can use it to sell across your product range, promote special offers or reinforce your brand marketing.

WMF 1500S professional coffee machine screen

Promotional screen savers

When your coffee machine is not being used, it ‘idles’ in screensaver mode in much the same way a computer would. But rather than presenting a generic image on the screensaver, why not use the touch screen on the WMF 1500S, 5000S and 8000S coffee machines to display your corporate logo and / or strap lines?

Displaying your logo on the front of your coffee machine will change your customer’s perceptions. They will assume the machine itself and the beverages it dispenses are unique to your operation, thereby increasing your brand loyalty.


Increase sales with touch screen advertising

Touch screen advertising allows you to grab your customer’s attention while they wait for their coffee to be dispensed. The commercial coffee machines are easily programmed with targeted advertising images allowing you to upsell across your product range and increase your per-head spend.

While their coffee is being made, you can tempt customers at breakfast time with mouth-watering pictures of croissants or pastries. Or promote your special lunch deals, seasonal offers or even advertise your full menu. All that’s needed to change your offers is a simple download using a USB device. You can adapt and target your advertising in minutes.

The savvy manager can use the touch screen advertising facility to reduce wastage too! Projecting sales is not an exact science and if you’ve over catered on a specific product line, the resulting waste will have a big impact on your profits. Why worry about your staff having the time and confidence to upsell these surplus products when your coffee machine can do it for you!

WMF professional coffee machine cross selling

Button allocation

With the WMF New Generation machines you can also change the drink images to display your own logo next to the name of the drink. This is a popular choice for many of our foodservice customers.

Intuitive operation of your professional coffee machine …

Of course, we mustn’t forget the main function of these ingenious marketing devices. First and foremost, they’re efficient and user-friendly commercial coffee machines suitable for operations of all sizes.

When it comes to dispensing your chosen beverage, the touch screen operation is efficient, intuitive and user-friendly. Simply select the coffee type (or hot chocolate) and the portion size by pressing the clearly marked buttons on the LCD display. Personal preferences can be accommodated by increasing or decreasing the strength of the coffee, which adds to customer satisfaction.

And at the end of the day, the touch screen system will give your staff step-by-step cleaning and daily maintenance instructions. Imagine, a multi-tasking commercial coffee machine that doubles as your own personal marketing assistant and staff trainer.



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Written by WMF Marketing Team

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