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The Importance of Coffee in Hotels

16-Jun-2017 10:59:00 by WMF Marketing Team

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Having great coffee in hotels is one of the most important things for customer experience and your brand reputation. However, this is often over looked by hotel brands.

Ok, so you have the most comfortable bed, luxury pillows, room service, a top-notch restaurant and helpful staff – great! But, if you serve someone an instant coffee sachet before their big meeting or their day with 3 kids at a theme park, you are asking for bad review on Trip Advisor!

When deciding which hotel to book for a weekend away or business trip, the top considerations are most likely to be:

  • Locationneeds to be close to where you are going
  • Type of hotelchildren friendly etc.
  • Wi-FiHow could you cope without it?!
  • Facilitiesbar, pool, gym, restaurant etc.
  • Pricewith the above in mind, is this reasonable?

As the coffee culture continues to grow, you will see speciality coffee work its way up this list. Offering easy access to great coffee is becoming a necessity rather than an ‘nice-to-have’ feature. By failing to accommodate for your coffee loving visitors, you will be pushing them out to the coffee shop down the road, and potentially losing their business in the long run.


Benefits of speciality coffee machines

Here are a few benefits of having a speciality coffee machine in hotels:

Brand Reputation and Loyalty

Showing you care about your guest’s preferences and that you can offer them what they want. This, in turn, will help contribute to your reputation as a hotel that can be relied on.

Repeat Business

Show every guest you can offer their favourite coffee at the touch of a button. Having a great experience in a hotel will make guests want to return the next time they are in the area. 


Review sites like Trip Advisor, or even booking sites like Booking.com or Trivago, will have ratings against previous stays at the hotel. Coffee can have a big impact on the rating given.

For example, this hotel has coffee mentioned in 35% of their reviews

Hotel 1.png 

Another example is this well known hotel has 25% mentioning coffee

Hotel 2.png

Reviews can really go boths ways, here are some examples:

Review 1.pngReview 2.png

Review 3.pngReview 4.pngReview 5.png



This doesn’t need a huge investment and building a barista bar in reception. In fact, the solution here is much easier then you may have thought.

By installing an easy to use speciality coffee machine, you will be giving quick access to perfectly made coffee. Whether you have this for staff to use or as a self-serve option, it will help to increase customer satisfaction and save the staff time.

Do you want to know how our WMF 1500 S helped the Hilton Garden Inn Luton to improve their coffee offer? Read more here.


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Written by WMF Marketing Team

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