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The WMF 1200F cure for coffee-induced headaches

18-Nov-2015 10:00:00 by WMF Marketing Team

Coffee - we’ve been making and drinking it for centuries. Yet for many catering operations, getting it right is a king-size headache. This every-day beverage has the power to be a huge reputation booster… or buster. No matter how good the rest of your food and service might be, a bad cup of coffee is enough to generate damaging online reviews.

Because WMF specialises in the supply, installation and service of commercial coffee machines, we get to see behind the scenes of countless catering organisations. We understand just how much is involved in serving great coffee. Jokes about the standard of stewed British coffee are legend, but we believe today’s new generation of commercial coffee machines is about to change all that.

Hotels, in particular, face countless challenges when it comes to coffee production. The typical hotel has to satisfy the diverse needs of a range of customers 365 days a year. For example, coffee must be served at breakfast, mid-morning to residents and the public, to corporate delegates attending meetings, and after lunch and dinner in the restaurant and at events. There’s demand for coffee by the cup throughout the day, and in volume at mealtimes and events. How can they hope to produce consistently great coffee every time?

In the past bulk brewing commercial filter coffee machines were ugly and impractical. Typically, they are hidden behind the scenes in pantries, or in the kitchens where they take up a lot of space and interfere with the food service operation. Even only small amounts are needed, these bulk brewing machines generate large quantities of expensive waste coffee making a dent in the profits.

WMF 1200F filter coffee machine commercial

With the advances in design and technology, commercial coffee machines have undergone a revolution, and that’s good news for the hotelier. Machines like the WMF 1200F have the flexibility and efficiency to cure those coffee-inspired headaches once and for all.

Benefits of the WMF 1200F commercial filter cofffee machine

Unlike the commercial coffee machines of old, the WMF 1200F boasts a simple six-setting push button operation so it keeps staff training to a minimum. It’s compact and stylish so you can forget about hiding it away out of the public eye. The WMF 1200F won’t spoil the ambiance of your dining room or bar. With the choice of one or two coffee bean hoppers, it’s completely flexible dispensing the perfect filter coffee by the cup, or in volume if you need jugs or flasks.

The WMF 1200F coffee machine won’t slow down your operation either. It plumbs into your water supply and is capable of dispensing half a litre of coffee in just over 60 seconds. This commercial coffee machine will transform the hotel’s whole operation. At peak times like breakfast service, you can dispense coffee in volume. When you need single cups you can brew it in the certainty you’re serving great tasting filter coffee no matter what time of the day or night.

Hotels are complex organisations to manage. Few other service industries have to pull together so many different areas of operation. With a WMF coffee machine, you can eliminate that age-old nagging problem and free up your time to deal with other important issues. And of course, with one of today’s very affordable commercial coffee machines in operation, you’ll keep your customers happy and be able to make your coffee sales profitable at last.

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Written by WMF Marketing Team

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