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Which Commercial Coffee Machine? Spotlight on the WMF 1200S

14-Dec-2015 09:00:00 by WMF Marketing Team

If you’re thinking of investing in a commercial coffee machine, you’ll have some important decisions to make. One of the biggest dilemmas is often working out which machine is right for you. It not only has to make great coffee, it also has to meet your needs… and your customer’s expectations.

In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at the WMF 1200S commercial coffee machine and its applications.


 What is the capacity of the WMF1200S coffee machine?

The WMF1200S is an entry-level machine. The term ‘entry-level’ doesn’t mean this is a beginner’s machine and doesn’t refer to the level of skill needed to operate it. Entry-level refers to its size, capacity and its very affordable cost.

This is the smallest of the WMF commercial coffee machines. Capable of producing up to 100 cups a day, it’s ideally suited to smaller operations. You’ll find the WMF1200S in offices, hair salons, hotel bars and even petrol stations. The lower capacity makes it an affordable and good all-round commercial coffee machine for small to medium size businesses.

What drinks does it make?

 As well as espresso, the WMF 1200S commercial coffee machine makes cappuccinos, lattes, Macchiatos, Americanos and almost any milk based coffee creation of your choice. But it doesn’t stop there. The WMF delivers delicious hot chocolate and chociattos too.

As well as a great array of drinks, this clever little machine ensures they match your customer’s tastes. Simple + and – buttons allow you to adapt the strength of the coffee and the portion size.

How many types of coffee bean does it use?

Despite being the smallest of our range of commercial coffee machines, the WMF 1200S can accommodate up to two bean hoppers allowing you to offer a wider choice to your customers. And with the manual insert option, you can extend your range to a decaffeinated option.

Does the WMF 1200S need to be plumbed in to a water supply?

There are two options with this flexible commercial coffee machine. You can choose to plumb it in to your cold water supply or alternatively, it can be fitted with a water tank.


How easy is it to operate?

Very! In fact, it’s so easy to operate, the WMF 1200S is ideal for self-service operations. The intuitive touch screen instructions make it simple for even a novice to work.


What about cleaning?

The WMF 1200S makes light work of cleaning. It boasts an HACCP compliant Plug+Clean milk cleaning system to ensure the highest standards of hygiene. Step-by-step cleaning instructions are available on the touch screen display making it simple for your staff to follow.

If you’re in a hard water area, descaling the coffee machine is easy too. A filter can be fitted to machines plumbed directly into the water supply. If you use a water tank, a filter cartridge will ensure it is kept descaled, improving the taste of the coffee and the machine’s efficiency and life expectancy.


How big is the WMF 1200S?

This is the smallest commercial coffee machine in our range and it will fit comfortably on the smallest counter space. The approximate dimensions are only 324 mm x 682 mm x 554 mm giving you great performance with a small footprint.


How eco-friendly are these coffee machines?

WMF is passionate about the environment. The 1200S has three eco-modes and an automatic switch-off so you can control your energy consumption. And when it’s switched off, you can be sure it is off… not quietly using electricity in the background!

As well as its energy efficiency, this commercial coffee machine is almost completely recyclable and uses fewer chemicals … all thanks to our ‘Green WMF’ ethos.


Can I see the WMF 1200S coffee machine is operation?

Yes, of course. Just contact our sales team on +44 1895 816100 and we’ll be pleased to arrange a demonstration. And if you have any questions, we’re always happy to answer your them and help you choose the right commercial coffee machine for your organisation.


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