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Your Coffee, Your Way – custom coffee recipes at the touch of a button

02-Jun-2017 13:59:00 by WMF Marketing Team

Your coffee is something personal to you, not something that you should settle for - and why should you?! Whether you like it dark, milky, frothy, sweet, or anything in between, you should be able to have your favourite speciality drink on demand. The coffee world has evolved to the point where you no longer have to go take time out of your day to go and visit a coffee shop, wait in a queue and order your personalised beverage (then repeat your order again) to get your individual perfect cup.

How about an app where you, your customers, and your staff can all save your individual coffee recipes and pour at the touch of a button? Not to mention having a sleek, professional machine to benefit your business.


How the MyCoffee App works

MyCoffee App.png

This intelligent, integrated app can be downloaded to smartphones, giving users the freedom to create their own custom recipes. They can then update their individual preferences, allowing them to alter the strength and flavour by editing the coffee-to-milk ratio, milk or foam amounts and cup size.

  • Set up a personal profile
  • Communicates with coffee machine via Bluetooth
  • Drink proportions and sizes can be individually selected
  • Personal volume and strength regulation
  • Store individual recipes and share with friends
  • Graphical display of own recipe
  • Saves a history for statistical purposes


Retail Benefits

Retail coffee machineHaving a machine with the capabilities for customers to make their own individual coffees through the WMF MyCoffee App has some great benefits for your business.

Such a personal touch helps to build customer loyalty, showing your customers how much you care about their preferences. Visitors can save their favourites without you feeling bad about not remembering their regular order. Putting them in control using a self-serve option also saves on staffing time and therefore saving labour costs. This gives you the best of both worlds, providing a wide range of speciality coffees to give your customers the best experience, without needing to hire a team of baristas.

This is ideal for convenience stores, hotes, bars or anywhere that you may be limited on space and staff availability.


Office Coffee Machine Benefits

Office coffee Machine

Coffee runs an office; We are sure anyone who works in an office environment will agree! Providing speciality coffee to staff not only raises morale but also has some great benefits for both the employer and the employees, read more here. Drinking coffee promotes a good working atmosphere, boosts energy levels and sharpens focus, among other health benefits, read more here.

Giving your staff the ability to having their favourite coffee in the office saves them having to venture off site to fetch their caffeine fix. A machine that can make everyone’s favourite drink, and allows employees to share recipes with colleagues means no-one has an excuse for messing up the coffee run again!


WMF 1100S – The All Star Coffee Machine

The smart, professional solution, for the ultimate taste explosion.


Learn more about the 1100S




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Written by WMF Marketing Team

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