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Appearance isn’t everything… is it?

06-Jan-2017 09:29:00 by WMF Marketing Team

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what actually constitutes excellence in terms of appearance or design of a product? We could drop some buzz words here about aesthetics, elegance, modern, sleek etc, but dare I even ask, does it really matter? Does appearance come before functionality? Many consumers have compromised on the actual purpose of the product due to the rival looking sexier.


Adapted modern designs

Product designs are ever evolving and changing to meet the needs of consumers, and rightly so. In most cases, technology is the key to product redesign. We are now in an era where millennials are taking over the key bracket of buyers, who typically expect ease, simplicity and a great design in every single product. So, it’s time to keep up!

history-of-headphones-1881.jpg _0003_overear-solo2-black-rgb-thrqrtleft.png.large.2x.png apple-airpods-1.jpg

An example of a product design evolving over time would be headphones. They have changed in design substantially over the years, even more so in the last couple of years with the introduction of secure Bluetooth connectivity. This is a great example of where technology has had an influence on design. However, the latest release of the Airpods by apple have not had great reviews, due to their small size and the likelihood of losing them. Although this has not resonated with their customerbase, it is a step in the right direction and gives them a chance to redesign the next release.


Does the design affect its purpose?

A redesign of a product should have a real need. A refresh in look and feel is all well and good, but where should the line be? Should the appearance take prominence over the purpose of the product itself?

Is design for designs sake enough? My answer to this is no! There needs to be an offering of an upgraded service or enhanced functionality in order to make the new product worth buying.


Best in Class

The German Design awards run every year to praise the work that goes into designing particularly successful aspects or solutions; an accolade that honours the dedication of companies and designers alike. The expert panel for this internationally renowned award praised the WMF espresso strainer concept, giving it a special mention in the "Excellent product design kitchen" category.

"WMF espresso combines traditional formal language with high technology, thus enabling even comparatively inexperienced users to brew themselves a good espresso"


Learn more about WMF’s Espresso Coffee machine here


Appearance is not everything – but why miss a chance to get both an excellent design and high-quality coffee?

The German Designs Award names many others who have excelled in delivering great designs in the past year, in furniture, kitchenware, interior designs and electricals. If you are interested in great designs, you can see all the 2017 winners here.


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Written by WMF Marketing Team

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