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Coffee and chocolate – a match made in heaven

15-Feb-2019 15:50:58
Coffee with chocolate is one of the all-time greatest food pairings, in fact it’s difficult to [...]
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What is instant coffee?

12-Feb-2019 12:10:45
It may seem like sacrilege to even mention it on a coffee blog, but instant coffee is still a major [...]
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Why is coffee called a “cup of joe”?

07-Dec-2018 11:09:45
When anyone thinks of slang terms for coffee, “cup of joe” is almost always the first thing that [...]
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WMF at London Coffee Festival

12-Apr-2018 12:19:20
London Coffee Festival is the biggest specialist coffee show in the UK, and a must attend event for [...]
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The history of the coffee machine

10-Apr-2018 07:45:30
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Coffee has been healthy all along!

08-Dec-2017 12:00:00
As long as coffee has been around, people have been speculating about its effect on your health, [...]
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