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Will baristas be replaced by robots?

01-Feb-2019 11:52:27
Automation is a topic that is affecting all industries to some degree, viewed by some as an [...]
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Is the Internet of Things the future of coffee

29-Jun-2018 14:08:20
The Internet of Things has been a pretty common buzz term in the world of technology for quite a [...]
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Why millennials are the future of the coffee industry

15-Sep-2017 12:05:02
You may have read our previous blog post about millennials, specifically looking into why so many [...]
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The world’s first colourless coffee – CLR CFF

28-Apr-2017 15:04:02
Coffee has long been one of our most versatile drinks, with everyone having their own favourite [...]
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3D printing Latte Art – Future or fad?

20-Apr-2017 13:55:00
Latte art is the finishing touch to a latte or flat white, turning the foam on top into a beautiful [...]
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WMF review of London Coffee Festival

12-Apr-2017 12:56:14
The full four day festival dedicated to the coffee lovers of the world came to a close on Sunday. A [...]
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Something big is coming to London Coffee Festival

03-Apr-2017 15:19:23
That’s right, something big is coming and it’s coming real soon! The London Coffee Festival is just [...]
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Climate change is affecting your coffee

17-Mar-2017 08:59:00
Climate change, or global warming, is affecting many aspects of the world we live in today, and [...]
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