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WMF review of London Coffee Festival

12-Apr-2017 12:56:14 by WMF Marketing Team


The full four day festival dedicated to the coffee lovers of the world came to a close on Sunday. A host to over 250 exhibitors, there was plenty to see (and taste). WMF were situated right next the main stage in the Hyde Park Arena, a prime spot for the music!

The festival was a great success in many different ways, with thousands of visitors flooding through the three floors of Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. We had some great discussions both with visitors and some of our partners too. Here is our short review and highlights of the festival.


Event and Location

The ideal spot. Brick Lane known for its edgy and artistic crowd and is home to many galleries, restaurants and festivals throughout the year, making this the perfect location. Old Truman Brewery has enough space to move freely around the stalls, demos and sessions without being in everyone’s way! The sunshine over the weekend did make it fairly warm inside, but luckily the courtyard outside had street food vendors to visit whilst getting some fresh air.

2017-04-08 12.40.28-1.jpg2017-04-08 12.41.41.jpg2017-04-08 13.10.04.jpg


Variety of Exhibitors

The London Coffee Festival had a good mixture of vendors around the event. Of course, there were coffee suppliers and coffee machine manufacturers, with a wide spectrum of brands on show. There was a variety of coffee roasters, coffee brewing techniques, home kits, snack and food stalls, even beer and whiskey too! Hotel Chocolat was there showing off their chocolate sculpture, and yes it was real chocolate!! The nitro cold brew bar was also a nice touch on the warm day.

2017-04-08 13.36.57.jpg2017-04-08 13.56.14.jpg2017-04-08 13.41.07.jpg2017-04-08 13.32.39.jpg2017-04-08 13.25.02.jpg


Coffee Masters

The Coffee Masters competition was spread over the four days, so for visitors just coming on one of the days you still had an opportunity to see some of the contenders take on a discipline. From the 20 strong contenders, James Wise was named this year’s winner.

2017-04-08 14.22.16.jpgScreenshot 2017-04-11 13.29.30.png


Live latte art

Another popular attraction at this year’s Coffee Festival was the live latte art. Demonstrations from Latte Art Champions, sharing techniques and showing the crowds how it’s done! More than just pouring milk, Dhan Tamang uses different colours to really give it the wow factor.

Screenshot 2017-04-11 13.36.01.pngScreenshot 2017-04-11 13.35.44.pngScreenshot 2017-04-11 13.56.09.png


Music and Art

As mentioned Brick Lane is popular amongst the artistic and creative communities, the Coffee Festival embraced this with an art wall and a music stage in each area. The wall displaying the “Filter Coffee Not People” mural was a common scene for a visitor selfie! The musicians were a great compliment to the atmosphere of the festival, keeping the good vibes going throughout the event. From singers, to bands, to beat boxers, there was something for everyone.

2017-04-08 13.29.06.jpg2017-04-08 15.22.07.jpg2017-04-08 15.28.05.jpg


WMF Machine Release

Something big hit the festival too, the release of our new machines. We had a busy time talking through the features of the machines and it was received very well by you all. Thank you to all who stopped by, and especially to those who complimented us on the stand. It was pleasure meeting you all. Looking forward to next year!

If you missed the show you learn more about our new machines here:

WMF 1100 S   &   WMF 9000 S+

2017-04-08 13.16.58.jpg2017-04-08-13.22.26-edited.png2017-04-08 13.22.18.jpg2017-04-08 13.21.42.jpg2017-04-08 13.21.03.jpg



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