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Is the Internet of Things the future of coffee

29-Jun-2018 14:08:20 by WMF Marketing Team



The Internet of Things has been a pretty common buzz term in the world of technology for quite a few years now, but it’s only fairly recently that we’ve really started to see how smart technology can impact us. In the coffee industry we’re always pushing the boundaries of what we can do and developing new innovations, so it’s inevitable that we will start to see some considerable changes.


What is the Internet of Things?

In a nutshell, when people talk about the ‘Internet of Things’, or IoT, all it really means is any devices other than computers that use internet access to provide some kind of advanced functionality. While it may not be something you’re even aware of, it’s definitely something that you will have experienced, especially if you’re reading this article on your smart phone! 

Some of the ways IoT technology has already begun to find it’s way into our daily lives is through things like smart TVs, fitness monitors and thermostats. There’s also the emergence of personal assistants like the Amazon Alexa which can cover a pretty wide array of functions from ordering groceries, to controlling lights, to organising your diary.


What does this have to do with coffee?

We haven’t really seen a huge impact on coffee machines in the home as of yet, but at a commercial level there are some big changes starting to happen. For example, WMF CoffeeConnect can be used with the majority of our machines to allow accurate monitoring and management from anywhere in the world.


You can track your machines performance using advanced analytics tools to gain real insights that can help you to maximise revenue, with customisable reports to ensure you get the information you really need. It also allows you to monitor all of your machines centrally so you can quickly diagnose any issues and prepare for peak usage times, ensuring you to know exactly when the machines need refilling. As well as providing you with information, you’re also able to send information to your machines remotely, such as on-demand promotional offers.


This approach of giving customers access to a huge amount of useful data, plus all of the tools necessary to fully understand it and react quickly really does represent a huge leap forward for the coffee industry. In years to come, brands like WMF will continue to explore the latest technologies to find more ingenious ways to help customers get the very best out of their coffee machines.

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