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Alternatives to Milk

£4bn on high street coffee in the UK this year

How to understand your coffee bag

Consumers vote WMF as Germany’s best brand

Millennial and Gen Z spending habits

How has the coronavirus impacted the coffee industry?

Should we be making espresso with less beans?

Coffee brew bags – what are they?

Current and future coffee shop industry trends

Coffee tastes better from smooth cups

Manage expectations with these customer service tips

Pepsi launching coffee cola in 2020

Ford is turning McDonald’s coffee waste into headlights

How to make Christmas latte art

Christmas coffee gift ideas 2019

Is CBD coffee the next big thing?

Does the UK have too many coffee shops

How to use coffee to get through the winter

Java jams – songs about coffee

Does the colour of your cup change the taste of your coffee?

Best coffee Instagram accounts

Which sweetener to use in coffee?

The rise of ready-to-drink coffee

Why people go to coffee shops?

What are hybrid coffees?

Becoming a professional barista

Is your love of coffee genetic?

Get paid £24k to quit your job and travel the world

Can just smelling your coffee boost brain power?

Friends themed coffee shop comes to LA

Can coffee predict the weather?

How do animals react to caffeine?

What is a Café crème and how is it different?

Can high quality coffee improve well-being and sickness rates?

High fashion coffee

Why do we love coffee so much?

Are bamboo coffee cups safe?

Brazilian farmers profit despite price drops

Is 25 cups of coffee a day healthy?

Coffee loyalty cards, promotions and data

Summer coffee trends

Coffee in Game of Thrones?

European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo

UK Coffee Week 2019

Espresso or filter coffee machine? Why not a machine that does both?

How to store your coffee

How decaf coffee is made

How dynamic displays could boost profits

What is a coffee bean?

Get more from your used coffee and tea

The rarest and most expensive coffees in the world

How Millennials will change the coffee industry

Coffee preference differences between men and women

Coffee and chocolate – a match made in heaven

What is instant coffee?

Will baristas be replaced by robots?

Can drinking coffee improve your driving?

Coffee industry grows for 20th year running

Could Australia be the next major coffee grower?

Veganuary coffee guide

Starbucks to offer delivery service

Festive Coffee Recipes

Coffee Christmas present ideas

Why is coffee called a “cup of joe”?

What affects the taste of your coffee?

How is coffee priced?

What is single origin coffee?

How coffee can improve your sleep

Halloween coffee ideas

The importance of consistency

Coffee powered electricity

What is Britain’s favourite coffee?

How to get the most out of your coffee

Coffee hits lowest price since 2006

What coffee machine is best for your business?

How Starbucks approaches the Italian Coffee Market

Coca-Cola announces purchase of Costa Coffee

Is table service the future for coffee shops?

Which is better, filter or espresso?

What kinds of milk are best for coffee?

Do hot drinks really cool you down?

Barista made coffee in QSR?

Starting your own coffee roasting business

Why paper straws are the way forward

How to perfectly tamp your espresso

Custom coffee in the workplace

Is the Internet of Things the future of coffee

Coffee flavoured Coke and other weird trends

How to market decaf coffee to your customers

Cold brew vs iced coffee

European Coffee Expo review

What is brew ratio and why is it important?

WMF at the European Coffee Expo

Costa Coffee announce demerger from Whitbread

London Coffee Festival 2018 review

UK Coffee Week – what is it?

WMF at London Coffee Festival

The history of the coffee machine

What exactly is a flat white?

How to make perfect textured milk

Coffee labels explained

Coffee growing regions around the world

Why are people willing to pay more for their coffee?

What goes into the cost of a coffee?

Coffee cup recycling – how to reduce the impact

Technology as an opportunity for coffee shops

Will self-service machines replace coffee shops?

Last minute Christmas gifts for coffee lovers

Why correct dosing and tamping is important?

Coffee has been healthy all along!

How could gyms improve their coffee sales?

Do Millennials care more about coffee than retirement?

Coffee consumption around the world

An introduction to hybrid coffee

A guide to coffee grounds

Halloween coffee recipes

Milk types for coffee explained

How long does it take to train a barista?

The change in coffee in fast food restaurants

International Coffee Day – 1st October

Autumn seasonal coffee trends

Why millennials are the future of the coffee industry

How will Brexit affect the coffee industry?

The story behind the “Made in Germany” label

Coffee shortages boost prices

Commercial Coffee Machine Cleaning - The Complete Guide

Coffee shops queues in peak!

Coffee syrups – enhance or ruin?

Awards at WMF

Millennials move to decaf

Recycling coffee cups, is it enough?

Could having hot coffee in meetings affect the outcome?

Coffee caviar - your new favourite topping

Increase Coffee Shop Efficiency

Refreshing Summer Coffee

The Importance of Coffee in Hotels

Your Coffee, Your Way – custom coffee recipes at the touch of a button

Summertime on the horizon - Cold brew coffee at the ready

9 reasons why craving coffee isn’t a bad thing

How bars can keep up with the coffee shop boom

Eat with coffee, cook with coffee

The world’s first colourless coffee – CLR CFF

3D printing Latte Art – Future or fad?

WMF review of London Coffee Festival

Something big is coming to London Coffee Festival

Climate change is affecting your coffee

Common mistakes in making coffee… and how to overcome them

Differences in how other cultures enjoy coffee around the world

Part II - Future trends: What does the future hold for coffee?

Future trends: What does the future hold for coffee?

Chosen your Valentine? This blog may change your mind…

Why do taste buds change?

Customisation - why is it so important

How can employers and employees benefit from having an office coffee machine?

Appearance isn’t everything… is it?

Coffee as a socialising factor in the UK

What is a coffee sommelier and what do they do?

What coffee does your favourite Star Wars character drink?

Freshly ground coffee is the Obi-Wan for me

What makes a ‘good’ coffee?

3D visualisation - The latest development in the decision making process. Should you use it?

WMF coffee machines named “Best Brand” for the third time by AHGZ!

Telemetry now available for our WMF commercial coffee machines

Try our WMF espresso at the London Coffee Festival and join the competition

A Commercial Coffee Machine Case Study - Oxwich Bay Hotel, Wales

Choosing coffee for your professional coffee machine

Which Commercial Coffee Machine? Spotlight on the WMF 1200S

Choosing a professional coffee machine for an office

How to use commercial coffee machines for cross selling

The perfect espresso – how do you make yours?

We explain coffee types available from our WMF coffee machines

The WMF 1200F cure for coffee-induced headaches

Commercial coffee machines catering for the real coffee comeback

Should your pub be selling quality coffee?

How does Coffee work? Have a look at this image guide.

Lunch Show 2015 - Review WMF Coffee Machines

WMF does 'Lunch' at London's Business Design Centre

Traditional espresso machine or bean to cup coffee machine?

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