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Increase Coffee Shop Efficiency

03-Jul-2017 10:59:00 by WMF Marketing Team


Being a barista is becoming more and more recognised as a ‘trade’, rather than the cafes in those 90’s films that just pour the same filter coffee for everyone. Making a flawless cup of coffee is a fine art. It takes a lot of skill and practice to get to that perfect serve all barista aspire for. This is a tough job when the pressure is on. Most coffee lovers do appreciate that making a great cup of joe takes a bit of time, (most) are prepared to wait that extra 60 seconds. But why should customers wait longer when they don’t need to?

Here, we look at how we can increase efficiencies the other side of the counter to help make the baristas lives easier, get coffees churning out at a faster rate, but without sacrificing the quality we have grown accustomed to.


How do to speed up service

You cannot rush perfection, or can you? Experienced baristas are excellent and make great coffees but time is of the essence when you are running a coffee shop. Serving customers fast, with high quality drinks is the goal.

As great as humans are, we are just that, human. We make mistakes and the risk of a mistake is amplified when working under pressure (especially with a queue of 30 caffeine deprived people queue and in a rush). So here are some things that can help improve the efficiency on the other side of the counter.


Optimised work stations

Manage stations effectively. Keep it tidy, put things in their place. Ensure everything which each barista needs are in reach. Limited space for staff mean they need to try and stay out of each other’s way.



Use coffee machines and other equipment that is easy and quick to operate, replenish and clean. Big time savings can be made here.


Mobile ordering apps

These applications you can download for some large coffee shop brands are a great idea. Boasting of “queue jumping” as you order and pay on the app. But of course, if this is increases in popularity there will still be queue, just not at the till, they will be at the end of the counter.


Automate where possible

Can anything in your coffee making process be automated? Just think of the time taken to replenish and press grounds in the portafilter, or the time taken to manually steam/foam milk for each speciality coffee?


WMF Espresso

This machine was designed with all this in mind. Automatic grind and press directly to your portafilter, making your chosen option. Fitted with both a manual steam wand and an automatic steamer making the perfect milk for your speciality coffee. No need to stand around doing this manually.


Learn more here

You don’t need an experience barista to operate this coffee machine. At a touch of a button you can have the coffee and milk ready. Time to work on your latte art skills now.



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