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Millennials move to decaf

28-Jul-2017 12:43:57 by WMF Marketing Team

Millennials enjoying coffee

As the coffee trend is in full swing, the industry continues to grow with millennials and younger generations. They are the largest consumer of decaf coffee, and for many millennials coffee isn’t seen as a pick me up or an afternoon boost, it’s a choice not a necessity. Opting for decaf coffee helps with rationing caffeine intake, for the more informed, health conscious drinkers.

Coffee may be consumed more by older generations, but the industry will need to accommodate the needs and habits of younger drinkers, as before long they will  become their biggest demographic.


Decaf increasing in popularity among millennials

Decaf consumption among 18-24 year olds is leading the table with 19%, whilst last year’s front runners 25-39 drop down (NCA report).

Through the research carried out, 66% of all surveyed agreed that is important to limit how much coffee they drink, due to moderating their caffeine consumption. Decaf is an alternative solution to limiting to a couple of cups per day. With coffee culture having such a large impact in the UK, especially among millennials, its commonplace for a trendy coffee shop to replace the local pub as a meeting place.

With millennials having such a huge market size, offering a decaf option will help attract them to the coffee shops, and encourage them to stay for longer.


Did you know…. 

Millennials are often thought of as fresh out of school, young bucks, whippersnappers etc, when actually they are aged anywhere between 20-37. Born from the early eighties to the mid-nineties.


Why choose decaf?

Coffee culture is a big trend in the UK, but so is healthy eating and having a healthy lifestyle. People today are much more informed about what being healthy really means and more conscious about what they consume on a daily basis. Clean eating, exercising and keeping a healthy body can have a real impact on coffee consumption.

Drinking caffeinated coffee is unlikely to harm you as long as it’s consumed within a reasonable level. There are many benefits to drinking coffee and it is comfort to some. Choosing to drink decaf helps to moderate caffeine intake through the day, which will help in down time and relaxation too.


How do we all accommodate millennials?

Millennials clearly have huge passion for speciality coffee and prefer to drink decaf rather than giving it up! People are clearly more informed about the coffee’s origins, sustainability, roasting, and brewing than ever before. 

The best approach would be to offer a healthy, sustainable, ethically sourced, great tasting coffee which has decaf options too. Do some research and make sure you really know your coffee.

To adapt to this is an easy step to take. You don’t need to have lots of machines or buy extra independent grinders. There are many coffee machine options available that have multiple hoppers with options to use decaf beans with ease.



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