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Autumn seasonal coffee trends

22-Sep-2017 14:21:53 by WMF Marketing Team


As the days start getting shorter and the nights get colder, many of us find that we rely a little bit more on our morning coffee to help us get through the day. Now that the summer is over our focus tends to shift from refreshing iced coffee drinks to the more comforting hot beverages, and you may also notice that the queue in your local coffee shop starts getting that little bit longer at this time of year. But what is it that makes us go caffeine crazy in the colder months, and how do our coffee habits change?


Autumnal coffee flavour profiles

Specialist coffee shops will always strive to use the freshest, highest quality beans for their drinks, and autumn is the time of year when some of the biggest coffee growing countries come into their own. Countries like Brazil, Columbia and Peru all start to harvest in the summer months, so by the time October comes around the best beans from these areas are being exported all around the world for coffee lovers everywhere to enjoy. If you’d like to learn more about coffee seasonality, there is a great interactive map over at counterculturecoffee.com which shows what stage the harvest tends to be in each month at all of the major coffee growing countries.

coffee autumn map.png

Source: https://counterculturecoffee.com/learn/resource-center/coffee-seasonality


Seasonal syrup choices

With Halloween approaching now is the perfect time to start indulging in a shot of pumpkin spice syrup in your latte. The iconic Starbucks beverage isn’t the only one that sees a surge of popularity at this time of year though. The options available differs between brands, but flavours such as cinnamon, gingerbread and peppermint are very popular from now all the way through to the end of winter, when the focus starts to shift to the fruitier end of the spectrum. If you have a coffee machine in the workplace, getting in some seasonal syrups is sure to go down a treat with your staff.


How does this affect the customer?

It goes without saying that hot drinks are much more popular once autumn rolls around, but this also tends to boost coffee shop sales in general. As hot drinks tend to be the main focus of coffee shops (and are consistently the best sellers), for most brands this makes the colder months the most profitable. This can be a bit of a double edged sword for the consumer though, as our appetites for coffee increase, so too does the size of the queue! Particularly around mornings and lunch times in busy city areas, it can end up being a much bigger time commitment to pop out for a morning coffee run.


Is your office prepared for the colder months?

Due to the sleepier mornings and colder journeys to the office, coffee is more popular than ever in the workplace from autumn right the way through to the winter months. Supplying gourmet coffee in the office is a great way to reward your staff, and has the added benefit of helping to keep them alert and motivated throughout the day. It also means that there’s no more drawing straws to see who has to go out in the cold and rain to run to the local coffee shop!

If you feel like your workplace could benefit from having great tasting coffee available on-site, check out WMF’s outstanding bean-to-cup machines. Not only are they incredibly high quality, German made machines, but they can also produce high street quality drinks at the touch of a button, no matter who is operating them.



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