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Friends themed coffee shop comes to LA

16-Aug-2019 10:59:48 by WMF Marketing Team


It may be over 15 years since the final episode aired, but Friends is still one of the most widely loved sit-coms ever to hit TV. While the rest of us are left watching re-runs, fans in Los Angeles will be able to visit a real Friends themed coffee shop, complete with a replica Central Perk set.


Central Perk

Central perk

The coffee shop in Friends is probably one of the most iconic TV show sets of all time, having been featured in practically every episode across all 10 seasons. There isn’t a fan on earth who hasn’t fantasised about enjoying an oversized cup of coffee on the famous orange sofa. For fans in LA this is no longer just a fantasy!

To celebrate 25 years of the show, 2 Friends themed pop-up coffee shops are opening in LA in Santa Monica and West Hollywood. 


These will feature a replica Central Perk set so guests can take pictures on the iconic orange couch, and also Friends themed drinks and snacks to enjoy while you reminisce about your favourite episodes.

If America is a little far for you to travel for a coffee shop, there is a similar Central Perk Café in Manchester! This is inside a Primark so can get very busy, but still a great opportunity to pick up some fun themed drinks and snacks, and take a few pictures guaranteed to make all your real-life friends jealous!


Other coffee shop marketing campaigns

This isn’t the first time a coffee shop has been the location for a major marketing campaign, in fact they tend to make the perfect location for experiential marketing. A combination of coffee’s popularity and the high foot-fall makes coffee shops the ideal place to access many people in a relatively short period of time. Here are a couple of the most impactful coffee shop related marketing campaigns from recent years.

The Lego Move 2 lego-pop-up-london
Earlier this year to promote the release of The Lego Movie 2, a pop-up coffee shop was built on London’s South Bank, constructed entirely out of Lego! Made from 50,000 pieces and taking 236 hours to build, ‘The Coffee Chain’ was giving out free coffee and hot chocolate, with the first few customers being served by Chris Pratt and Tiffany Haddish themselves!

On the complete other end of the scale, back in 2013 to promote the remake of the classic horror movie Carrie, a prank was set up in a New York coffee shop to terrify unsuspecting patrons. The prank involved using special effects to make it seem like a customer whose drink had been spilled was using telekinetic powers to throw a man into a wall and knock over tables and books. It may not have been as Instagram friendly as the Lego Movie example, but videos of the prank soon went viral on YouTube and across social media sites.

These campaigns just demonstrate how embedded into our culture coffee has become, and how good (or scary!) coffee shop experiences can leave a lasting impression on the customers. That’s why it’s vital for coffee businesses to provide both great tasting drinks, and an easy, stress-free environment. WMF coffee machines utilise state of the art automation technology to ensure consistently great tasting beverages, without the need for a trained barista. This leaves you free to focus on dealing with customers quickly and efficiently, minimising queues and maximising profits.

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