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Technology as an opportunity for coffee shops

09-Feb-2018 14:00:00 by WMF Marketing Team


In our last blog post we looked at how self-serve coffee machines could be used as an additional revenue stream for places like hotels, supermarkets and petrol stations. Now let’s take a look at how coffee shops can utilise some of the same technologies to maximise their efficiency, quality, and profit.


Faster production means more profit

One of the main advantages of self-serve machines for the non-coffee-specialist business is the speed with which customers can be served, but why shouldn’t coffee shops get the same benefits? By automating parts of the coffee production process using new high tech machines, customers can be served more quickly and efficiently, with queue times kept to a minimum. This is great for the customer as it means not having to wait as long for their drink, and it also means the baristas will be less stressed during peak times, with a lower risk of quality control issues.


Removing human error

Consistency of product is a huge consideration for any coffee shop, and can sometimes mean the difference between success and failure for a new business. Big coffee chains have whole departments devoted to maintaining these standards across all of their sites, but it’s something that even the smallest coffee shop business needs to prioritise. By utilising some of the newer, more advanced coffee machines, staff can produce perfect espresso every single time, without having to worry about errors with grinding or tamping.

It’s not just the espresso production that gets a 21st century makeover either, with coffee machines now being able to automate the milk frothing to negate any issues with over/under heating. A common issue for new baristas is getting the milk heating slightly wrong, resulting in things like flat cappuccinos or not-so-flat flat whites. The impact this could have on reducing training time for new staff could be a significant cost saving, especially for new businesses.


Baristas can spend a little more time on presentation

One of the best things about automating the espresso production and milk frothing is that it means the barista can focus all of their effort on producing beautiful looking drinks to impress the customers. Late art is big part of the skillset a great barista needs, and by encouraging your staff to focus on developing these skills, you increase the “instagramability” of the drinks your shop is producing. This helps to boost your shops digital presence, and transforms your loyal regulars into free online promoters.

A great way to bridge the gap between automated espresso production and artisan beverages is with the WMF Espresso. Featuring automatic grinding, tamping and frothing, and with cooled hoppers to keep your coffee beans fresh, it allows your staff to produce handmade coffee drinks, automatically.


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