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Coffee syrups – enhance or ruin?

10-Aug-2017 09:59:00 by WMF Marketing Team

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We hope you have all been taking advantage of the variety of flavours available with iced coffees and coffee coolers around this summer. It won’t be long before you are longing for that hot cup a joe again, but it doesn’t mean you should lose all the flavour options, there are plenty of syrup flavours available.

Coffee syrups are not a new fad; they have been around for many years now and we're sure they are part of some of your favourite coffees already! They can cause a “marmite” effect to some coffee drinkers and baristas though, they either love it or hate it.



Baristas on syrups:

Coffee enthusiasts, baristas, and industry experts often have strong opinions on how adding syrups will ruin the taste of nice freshly made cup of coffee. More often than not, this is due to the baristas knowledge of the flavours in the coffees that they are looking for in their first sip – a double shot of caramel will definitely overpower this somewhat!

However, the speciality coffee scene has been changing the way we all think about coffee. For baristas, this is has opened an opportunity for creativity, not only with brewing methods but also with what other options they can offer customers. After all, all they want is for people to enjoy coffee.


Coffee Drinkers:

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As we said in a recent blog post about decaf, consumers are no longer looking at coffee as a necessity to get through the day, people are drinking coffee for the love of the beverage and for socialising – a lifestyle drink. 

There is no need to wait until the gingerbread Christmas special comes out to have syrup in your coffee. We are moving away from the old norm of having only one way to have your coffee. We know more about coffee now than we ever have before, so get inventive and try it out. They are not just in coffee shops either, most places you would expect to get speciality coffees will have syrups on offer.

Ask for the baristas advice if you are unsure, they can be helpful in pairing a syrup with the coffee beans used or recommend an alternative for you. It can also be used to satisfy that sweet tooth. By adding a shot of syrup, it could help you to fight the temptation to eat that afternoon donut (or 2). Opt for sugar free where possible though, the calories can quickly add up!



Everyone has different tastes and preferences when it comes to coffee. One day may be a double espresso kind of day and the next maybe a caramel latte day. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are not a hardcore coffee lover for adding a syrup, it’s just another way to enjoy your favourite hot drink.


Top flavours to try:


A flavour that seems to complement most things, coffee being no exception. Naturally suited to a milky coffee, vanilla lattes are a the most common and for good reason!

Another favourite of UK coffee lovers. Applying more to those with a sweet tooth with such an indulgent flavour. Dropping caramel syrup instead of sugar for a nice sweet treat.

A great flavour for both coffee and hot chocolate. Hazelnut lattes are mildly flavoured with rich undertones of hazelnut. Try adding to a hot chocolate if you love Nutella or Ferrero Rocher.

Cinnamon is a flavour that works incredibly well with coffee and not just as a powder topper. Commonly used for Christmas specials, but why wait for the lovely rich and festive flavour.

Gingerbread cappuccinos are in very high demand at Christmas time. They are so delicious that many enjoy them all year. Again, this is one for those with a sweet tooth!


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