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Consumers vote WMF as Germany’s best brand

26-Feb-2020 08:53:29 by WMF Marketing Team

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For all major brands awards can be a really important way of demonstrating to potential customers that you’re at the top of your field, and as such most brands who have been around for a while will have a handful awards under their belt. Not all awards are created equal however, and it’s important to look at the criteria for each award, how the winners have been decided, and who the other competitors were.

WMF has just been awarded the “Best Product Brand” for 2020 by the Best Brands awards, for their long history of excellence in the B2C sector. This demonstrates both the strength of the brand and the confidence customers have in the range of products WMF provide.


What are the Best Brands awards?

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Since 2004 the Best Brands awards have sought to highlight the top brands in the German market at their annual awards gala. The prestigious awards are split into the following categories:

  • Best Corporate Brand
  • Best Product Brand
  • Best Growth Brand
  • Special Category

The winner of each category is decided based on 2 factors, the brands market share, and popularity amongst consumers. This means that rather than being chosen by a panel of judges, the winners are awarded solely by the views of the customers. It is the only award that considers both of these factors, making it a fantastic indicator of brand strength.


What makes WMF the best?

This award goes to show just how highly regarded WMF is by their own customers, offering consumers of all age groups an outstanding brand experience. WMF has been in the top 10 brands for many years, and to come in first place this year ahead of previous winners such as Lego and Coca-Cola really is an amazing feat.

"We are absolutely delighted about winning this award, and would like to thank all employees for their commitment and dedication. Every single one of you has contributed to this tremendous success," 

...says Martin Ludwig, Senior Vice President International Strategy and Product Creation at the WMF Group.

"First place for the WMF brand speaks volumes for our excellent positioning among consumers and for high levels of confidence in the design, functionality and quality of our products."


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