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Refreshing Summer Coffee

23-Jun-2017 11:59:00 by WMF Marketing Team

Refreshing summer coffees to keep you cool, are a must have this summer. With it being the hottest June to hit the UK since 1976, the UK heatwave has had everyone in a frenzy and not knowing how to cope. While a hot cup of coffee may not be the first thing that comes to mind, it doesn’t mean you must go without caffeine, or coffee for that matter, just the heat!

It’s important to stay hydrated of course, but you also need to keep cool and stay focussed. With this in mind, we have shortlisted some top cool options to consume your coffee and keep you going through the summer. We even finish with a couple of cocktails!


Keep Cool Coffee 

Here are the top coffees to keep you cool throughout the day. 

Iced latte

This one is an old favourite and likely the first drink that comes to mind when thinking of a cold coffee. Typically made with an espresso poured over ice, topped up with milk, syrup is optional, but we recommend vanilla or caramel. Coffee machines can make these frothy too!


So, this is one you can have fun with! It is essentially just coffee blended with ice cream and milk. You can experiment with flavours, toppings, whipped cream etc. Calories can add up with these so be careful.

Coffee Mojitocoffee mojito-949983-edited.jpg

A very refreshing beverage to be enjoyed in the sun! Comprising of mint leaves, lime, crushed ice, shot of espresso and sparkling water. This is a really tasty twist on the usually rum filled cocktail (you could always keep the rum in there too).

Bee’s Knees over Ice

Every summer coffee menu needs a something a little different, weird and wonderful, so here’s a fun one to try! An iced variation of the “Bee’s Knees,” combine espresso, honey, milk, lavender, rosemary, simple syrup, and a touch a pepper. Once cooled, pour over ice and enjoy. Note: not for everyone, but worth a try!

Cold brew

We know cold brew is kind of cheating a little bit. Cold brew can be used to make all these tasty beverages, but also enjoyed on its own. Learn more about cold brew and nitro coffee here 


Coffee Cocktails

Now moving on to the ‘after work’ coffees.

Espresso Martiniespresso-martini.jpg

A favourite of many, and for good reason! Rum, Kahlua and chilled coffee shaken with ice and strained into a Cosmo glass, finished with a coffee bean on top. This is perfect to celebrate the end of great working week, and gives you both a kick and a buzz. Please use good coffee though, it really does make all the difference!

Coffee Old Fashioned

coffee-oldfashioned.jpgSimilar to the traditional Old Fashioned but with, yes you guessed it, coffee! Bourbon, crème de cacao, espresso, water and orange bitters, shaken together and poured over ice. A refreshing, caffeinated beverage to sip at your leisure. Warning, these go down very quickly, so pace yourself.  


Check out our summer favourites for yourself, work your way through the list, you will not be disappointed! Do you have a favourite we haven’t mentioned here? Drop us a comment below or tweet us here 


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