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What coffee does your favourite Star Wars character drink?

15-Dec-2016 11:30:00 by WMF Marketing Team

So, it’s the big release of the new Star Wars film ‘Rogue One’ today. I am sure you are all excited to take a break from the Christmas shopping madness and watch the first standalone Star Wars story.

Thinking more and more about the series of Star Wars films, we have been reminiscing about the characters from the classics and how their personalities were key to the success of the films. I know what you’re thinking “I just wish I knew which coffee they would drink?”. Well, lucky for you we thought the exact same thing…

So, fellow coffee lovers and Star Wars nerds, we have put together a run-down of the coffees we think the characters would need, or ones they are best suited to.


luke-skywalker.pngLuke Skywalker: Flat white

A Jedi master has no time for froth! He needs a balanced coffee to keep him alert and his Jedi mind tricks on point. You think he could get through that training without a coffee?!


princess-leia.pngPrincess Leia: Caramel Latte

Although she’s a Princess, Leia has been through a lot and to treat herself to a caramel syrup in her coffee is more than deserved. Something to play to her sweeter side.


han-solo.pngHan Solo: Mocha

Han may seem to be a dark and bitter character, but he is sweet at heart. For this we think he is a secret softy and enjoys a chocolatey coffee.


darth-vader.pngDarth Vader: Americano (extra shot)

The bitterest coffee, one of the most powerful, and definitely on the darkside. Think he’s evil now?... imagine how he would be without a morning Americano!


chewbacca.pngChewbacca: Cappuccino

The galaxy’s favourite Wookie rebel. Big and fluffy like a large frothy Cappuccino. Although Chewie is serious about protecting Han and being a co-pilot, but like to think he has a fun side and likes a frothy moustache!


yoda.pngYoda: Cortado

Although small, some may mistake the Cortado for a weak coffee. Like Yoda, it can be surprisingly powerful. To have the force, drink coffee you must.


There you have it, there’s a coffee for everyone. Whether you’re a Jedi Knight turned to the darkside, or a Wookie who likes a frothy top. I wonder where the WMF Espresso coffee machine would go on the Millennium Falcon….

Did we miss your favourite character? Comment below and let us know what you think they would drink and why. Hope you enjoy the film this week.

May the froth be with you.


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