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Freshly ground coffee is the Obi-Wan for me

08-Dec-2016 09:50:00 by WMF Marketing Team


A freshly ground coffee, made from your favourite beans is the only way to enjoy your cup of joe! Unsure where your beans should originate from to suit your taste? Check out our last blog “What makes a ‘good’ coffee”.

Whether you like your coffee on the dark side or sweet and frothy, fresh is the only way to go. Ok, so you know what beans to order and what type of coffee is for you, but which is the best machine for you? Here are the 3 main machine types we offer, and what they are best suited for.


Bean to cup machines

Endless specialities, delivered at light speed.

WMF bean to cup

You can be assured you are investing in the future with a bean to cup range that’s light years ahead. The machines are easy to use, clean and maintain, but more importantly they can produce high street quality drinks at the touch of a button, no matter who is operating them.


Portafilter machines (espresso)

Make the perfect espresso you will – no barista needed.  

 WMF espresso

Bridging two worlds, this machine automatically prepares handmade coffee. It hisses and steams and is easy to use for anyone wanting to prepare an espresso. It controls brewing time and tamps with 100 % consistency. Everything you need for a perfect espresso.


Filter coffee machines

The machines of mass production – 0.5 litres of freshly ground and filtered coffee brewed in just 65 seconds.

WMF 1200f

The favourite machine of catering companies looking for a filter coffee machines, but also hotels in breakfast operations or banqueting, as coffee lovers are rediscovering the pure cup of coffee.

Which would best suit your needs? We have a range of machines scaling up to 500 cups per hour. Perfect coffee with no need for trained baristas and childs play to operate. If you are still on the fence as to which is best suited to you, be sure to use the WMF Photo Simu app to visualise the machine in place.

So, what’s next I hear you say? WMF are light years ahead in their coffee machine developments. But, what do you see in the future of coffee machines? Are there features and functions you feel are missing? Maybe AI? Comment with your predictions below, we would love to hear your ideas.


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Written by WMF Marketing Team

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