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Best coffee Instagram accounts

18-Oct-2019 15:21:19 by WMF Marketing Team


For coffee lovers, Instagram is naturally the number one social media platform to get your daily fix of inspiration. For coffee businesses especially, this is a great platform to interact with your customers and make it easy for new customers to find you, as you never know what image is really going to take off. Just this week with Jennifer Aniston finally joining the Instagram club we saw the extreme end of how quickly these things can move. She posted a single picture which in the first day picked up over 10 million likes and giving her over 9 million followers!

While we can’t guarantee you’ll see anywhere near the same numbers, it’s still a great tool for any business. If you’re thinking about starting to promote your business over social media, it’s a good idea to start looking at some popular coffee Instagram accounts to see what the experts are doing.


Coffee accounts to follow  

Here’s a run down of some of our favourite coffee accounts on Instagram that never fail to provide some inspiration, or just some great images to look through while you enjoy a tasty flat white.




London Coffee Shops is a brilliant account for anyone who lives in and around London, or anyone planning a trip into the Big Smoke. They share beautiful pictures of coffee shops around the capital city, showing some great choices for different places to pick up a brew all around London.




Barista Daily is an account aimed specifically at baristas, but is great for any coffee lover to follow. They post pictures of unusual brewing methods and fun latte art from around the world.




Coffee cups of the World does pretty much exactly what the name would suggest, they post pictures of fun and unusual coffee cups from all corners of the planet. It’s a great account for both coffee lovers, and design/illustration enthusiasts.




Coffee Props is an account hat shares great coffee related pictures from all over Instagram, showing artsy shots of coffee cups, latte art and pictures of coffee being harvested. This is a great one to follow to find other coffee accounts that might peak your interest.




If you love both coffee and fashion, Coffee ‘n’ Clothes is the account for you. As well as running a stylish coffee shop in New York, these guys post amazing fashion related coffee photos every day, making it the best account on Instagram for fashion forward coffee lovers.


Social media is a great way both to keep up with coffee culture and promote your business, but alongside this you need to make sure your products are on point. Thankfully WMF have got you covered, with a wide range of options from the compact WMF 1100 S bean-to-cup machine to the sleek and classic portafilter style of the WMF Espresso. All of these machines feature cutting edge automation technology to control the grinding and tamping process, removing any human error to give you the perfect coffee every time. Download a brochure to see our full range.


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