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Why people go to coffee shops?

27-Sep-2019 09:15:26 by WMF Marketing Team


As is clear from walking down any high street in the country, coffee shops are more popular than they have ever been, and this is a trend that only seems to be growing. Coffee shops aren’t just about buying coffee though, or they would be run like a fast food business with customers just quickly drinking their brew and leaving. What we have instead is a culture that is somewhat of a hybrid between a traditional café and a pub, where the social aspect is just as important as the product. Let’s take a look at the different groups of people that frequent coffee shops, and what it is that brings them there.


Young people  pexels-photo-248021

In many ways, coffee shops have replaced pubs as the standard meeting place for younger generations, particularly when meeting during the day. Coffee shops are simultaneously family friendly and welcoming of patrons of all ages, but also for young people they feel like a mature space that is there primarily for grown-ups. This makes it a great place for younger people to meet and socialise, allowing them to feel comfortable and of course get those oh-so-important Instagram snaps!


Older people

On the other side of the scale, coffee shops are also very popular for the older generations. For older people, particularly those who are retired, a coffee shop offers a relaxing space where they can unwind with a newspaper or a book, or catch up with friends and family. For a lot of people, a coffee shop fills the void left behind when they retires and find themselves with a lot of spare time to fill in the day.



Coffee shops are also very popular with parents, particularly around the times they drop off or pick up their kids from school. Coffee shops provide them with a safe space that they can catch up with their friends and have an adult conversation, while keeping the kids occupied with a sweet treat. This is especially true for working parents, as taking the time to stop into a coffee shop for half an hour can often be the only real down time they get.



Business people

Another group that you often see in coffee shops are business people, using it as a workspace for a few hours, or even a whole day. This is a big advantage that coffee shops have over restaurants and pubs, in that laptops are welcome and most have free wi-fi, giving business people a space to quietly get on with some work free of distractions. They also make a great spot for informal meetings and can be a brilliant way to break up the working day.


No matter what reason brings a person to a coffee shop, the things that keep a customer coming back are great coffee and great service. Luckily, WMF have you covered for both. The state-of-the-art automation technology allows you to efficiently make delicious speciality coffees with no training whatsoever, leaving you free to focus on giving your customers the great service they deserve. Or for businesses that prefer traditional handmade coffee, the WMF Espresso handles the grinding and tamping for you, making sure every coffee you make begins with a perfect espresso. Download a brochure to see our full range.


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