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Veganuary coffee guide

09-Jan-2019 13:35:11 by WMF Marketing Team

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After the Christmas festivities are over and done with, many people use January as a time to refocus on getting healthy and making up for their overindulgence in December. Veganuary is one of the most popular ways to do this, with thousands of people all around the world joining in. The concept is simple, it involves giving up all animal products for the whole of January to encourage a healthier and more ethical lifestyle. This year it’s gotten bigger than ever, with over 250,000 people signed up to participate, and backing from celebrities such as TV presenter Sarah-Jane Crawford, and comedian Sara Pascoe.


Coffee options

Of course, going plant based doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favourite treats, far from it in fact! Dairy free options in coffee shops are better than they have ever been, with everywhere offering at least one vegan friendly milk as standard, and many big chains offering a variety to choose from. If you’re confused by the choices available and would like to know more, we published a blog post last summer with some more information you may find useful. Asking the barista is always a good idea if you’re not too sure about the options, as the best choice can sometimes depend on what kind of drink you’ve ordered. If you still find yourself unsure, black coffee is always a great back up!

Alpro have a great range of options for vegans, they recently visited our showroom and used the WMF Espresso machine.

IMG_8019 Alrpo WMF Espresso


Snacks and lunch optionsGreggs vegan 2

As well as non-dairy milk, most coffee shops will also sell snacks and lunch options that are suitable for a plant-based diet. In fact, many big brands have released new vegan products specifically to coincide with Veganuary, such as the new vegan sausage roll at Greggs and the vegan wrap at McDonalds. It’s always best to ask a member of staff if ingredients aren’t listed, they are usually trained to know which foods contain allergens so that should help you to dodge any issues with milk and eggs being hidden in vegetarian products.snack pot

If you’re doing Veganuary to improve your health, instead of looking for vegan friendly cakes and sweets try to replace them with fruit or nuts, which should be available at almost every coffee shop chain. Remember, just because something is marked as vegan it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be healthy!


If you’re finding more and more of your staff or customers are opting for dairy free milks, you’re going to need to make sure your coffee machine can cope with a wide variety of options. The WMF 9000+ is a state of the art, fully automated coffee machine that can offer 2 different milk options, including soya and lactose-free. Or if you’re interested in more traditional, handmade coffee, the WMF espresso automatically grinds and tamps your coffee beans for you, giving you more time to make sure you get the milk perfect for any type of beverage. Download a brochure to see the full range.


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