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We explain coffee types available from our WMF coffee machines

24-Nov-2015 10:52:36 by WMF Marketing Team

With huge consumer demand for luscious lattes or mouth watering mochas, can you afford not to add them to your menu? But for the new restaurateur or hotelier, the world of coffee can be a confusing place. Worry not - this blog will explain these high value beverages and how just one commercial coffee machine can help you serve the perfect coffee – every time.

Take one WMF coffee machine…

Before we explain the different types of coffee, let us introduce the WMF range of commercial coffee machines. These versatile, user-friendly coffee machines deliver the first class speciality coffees listed below - all at the touch of a button.

Speciality coffees explained

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a cappuccino or a latte? Or wondered how to go about making a Latte Macchiato? With a fully automatic professional coffee machine, they are simple to make but you do need to understand the differences and how they are ‘put together’.

WMF coffee guide for commercial coffee machines


All today’s popular coffees start with an espresso. With one of the WMF coffee machines, the beans are ground and added to the ‘brewer’. Water, thermostatically controlled to be the optimum temperature, is added to the coffee grounds under pressure, producing a quality shot of espresso.

The WMF coffee machines dispense 30ml shots, or 60ml if you select the ‘double’ option. In espresso terms, this is often called a ‘doppio’, which is the Italian word for ‘double’.

Americano Coffee

A café Americano is similar to an espresso but has added hot water. This gives the Americano a similar strength to a good filter coffee.

Cafe Latte

The ever-popular café latte is made by injecting steam into milk and finishing with a shot of espresso.

Latte Macchiato

The literal translation of Latte Macchiato, means ‘stained milk’. The milk is coloured by the addition of the espresso coffee. The WMF coffee machines dispense the Latte Macchiato in three stages. Firstly, the milk is heated with steam and dispensed into the glass. The next stage involves the addition of more milk which is heated with both steam and air to give it a frothy texture. Finally, after a short pause for the milk and froth to settle, a shot of espresso is added.

A Latte Macchiato is traditionally served in a glass to show off its distinctive layered appearance.


Probably the best known of all the speciality coffees, cappuccino is similar to a latte. However with a cappuccino, both air and steam are injected into the milk which creates the traditional frothy topping.

Hot chocolate

Forget the mixing and the effort! Unlike some, the WMF coffee machines also have a hot chocolate option. Steam and air are added to the milk, automatically mixed with the chocolate powder, and dispensed at the touch of a button.


A mocha is a delicious blend of hot chocolate mixed with a shot of espresso.


Which coffee machine?

If you’re buying a commercial coffee machine, you must consider which one will meet the needs of your operation. The WMF range boasts four fully automatic bean to cup commercial coffee machines:

  •  WMF 1100 SOur smallest machine with a recommended daily output of 80 cups per day. It fits perfectly where space is limited but nobody wants to save on quality and taste.


  • WMF 1200 S: an entry-level machine which dispenses up to 100 cups per day

  • WMF 1500 S: This medium sized bean-to-cup coffee machine is recommended for a daily output of 150 speciality coffee drinks


  • WMF 5000 S: High volume and reduced noise make this commercial coffee machine a market leader


  • WMF 9000 S+: The premium model from the New Generation range of our professional coffee machines - up to 350 cups per day


So there you have it… welcome to the WMF world of coffee machines!



Visit the Bean to Cup  Coffee Machine Website



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Written by WMF Marketing Team

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