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What coffee machine is best for your business?

26-Sep-2018 11:42:40 by WMF Marketing Team

Multiple coffees

Once you’ve come to the realisation that you need a real coffee machine for your business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the different options available to you. Knowing which one will suit your needs isn’t always easy, especially if you’re going to be selling coffee to customers, so getting it right first time is really the only option. Here’s a breakdown of the main types of commercial coffee machines available, with some information around their different uses to help guide you towards making the right decision.

WMF 1200F


Filter coffee machines

If you need to make large volumes of coffee at a time for meetings or conferences, a filter coffee machine like the WMF 1200 F may be exactly what you need. Like the filter machines you might have at home or in small offices but on a larger scale, you can quickly make up flasks in advance to save the need to leave the room mid-meeting. This can make them a great option for large corporate buildings or shared offices, where you may not want staff to have to walk to the other end of the building to get a coffee. It’s also ideal for hotels with a buffet style breakfast, allowing guests to serve themselves with no need for serving staff.


Bean to cup machines 

WMF 9000S+

If you require a little more versatility, a bean-to-cup machine would likely be your best bet. Able to produce a whole variety of different drinks such as cappuccinos and flat whites, bean-to-cup machines are perfect for businesses where you want to provide your staff or customers with plenty of choice. This means that it’s suitable for a wide range of different businesses, such as offices, hotels, restaurants and take-aways.

The options for this type of machine vary just as much as the beverages, from the compact WMF 1100 S which can fit on a normal counter top, to the high performance WMF 9000 S+ which can produce 350 cups per hour. Which one you go for could be largely decided by the kind of space you have and the amount of output you need to produce.

You also have to consider the upkeep and maintenance of these machines, particularly if you have multiple machines across different sites. Thankfully WMF have you covered with the CoffeeConnect app which allows you to monitor your machines from anywhere in the world, so you can keep them all running smoothly.


Espresso machines 

WMF EspressoIf you want to specialist handmade coffees you are going to need an espresso machine,ideal if you’re running a café, bar or restaurant. Unlike filter or bean-to-cup machines, in order to make espresso based coffee from scratch there is also a requirement to make sure your staff are properly trained and can make the drinks effectively and efficiently. Thankfully with the WMF Espresso this is minimised by taking care of the espresso production automatically, so your staff can focus entirely on making sure the rest of the drink is prepared perfectly for your customers.


If you’re still not sure what kind of machine is best for your business, download  a brochure to see the full range of WMF coffee machines and related products.


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