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Commercial Coffee Machine Cleaning - The Complete Guide

23-Aug-2017 11:08:08 by WMF Marketing Team

Commercial coffee machine cleaning

High-quality coffee and hot drinks are a cornerstone of every business within the catering industry. To ensure you can offer your customers a consistent product a professional coffee machine is an essential investment. WMF design and manufacture superior commercial coffee machines that are stylish, built to last and produce quality hot drinks at the touch of a button. While the merit of our workmanship is guaranteed, to ensure your machine consistently produces excellent coffee, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential.

We aim to make our machines as user-friendly as possible, not only in the creation of the perfect cup of coffee but the cleaning as well. Coffee machines can often be difficult to clean, WMF aims to make cleaning your coffee machine as simple as possible by automating the most time-consuming jobs and simplifying manual cleaning. Cleaning your WMF coffee machine is straight forward, routinely follow these simple steps on a daily and weekly basis to ensure your machine performs at its best for years to come.


Cleaning Programmes

Our coffee machines have four automatic cleaning programmes that are activated at the touch of a button -

System Cleaning – System cleaning takes just ten minutes and should be carried out daily; the programme cleans the coffee system of the machine with a WMF cleaning tablet. System cleaning also includes a milk system rinse and mixer rinse. (These can be carried out separately when needed)

*For coffee machines with Plug&Clean, an adapter is used for cleaning.

*For coffee machines with Active Milk, the special blue container is required.

Mixer rinsing – To be carried out on a weekly basis.

Milk system rinsing – To be carried out on a weekly basis or as needed if there has been an extended period between dispensing milk beverages.

Foamer rinsing – After a set period following the last milk drink being dispensed the foamer rinsing takes place automatically. It can also be started separately when needed. The coffee machine also gives you an acoustic warning signal prior to the automatic foamer rinse, giving you the opportunity to halt the programme if required.


Touch of a Button

Each of these automatic cleaning programmes is activated through the touch screen on your coffee machine. Simply select touch cleaning programmes, then choose the cleaning programme you require from the list.


Manual Cleaning Made Easy

There are several cleaning jobs that must be carried out manually, the ergonomic design of our coffee machines ensures you are able to clean your machine swiftly and easily.

Clean operating panel (CleanLock) – The clean operating panel must be cleaned daily, simply touch CleanLock and a 15-second countdown will begin. You can now clean the display and it will be reactivated after the last brewing cycle.

Grounds container cleaning – The grounds container must be cleaned daily. Simply empty the container, rinse with drinking water and clean with a damp cloth before drying and replacing.

Drip tray cleaning – The drip tray must be cleaned daily. Caution must be taken as the drip tray could contain hot water. Simply release the lock at the bottom of the drip tray, remove the cup table and drip tray before thoroughly cleaning, rinsing and drying.

Clean the housing – The housing should be cleaned daily. We recommend using WMF Purargan cleaner and a soft cloth to clean the housing. Do not use abrasive cloths or sponges to avoid scratches.

Clean milk system manually – The milk system should be cleaned daily. The milk system can be cleaned manually as well as automatically. (Full instructions can be found in the manual)

*Plug&Clean & Active Milk machines can be cleaned weekly

Clean the mixer manually – The mixer should be cleaned weekly. The mixer can be cleaned manually as well as automatically. (Full instructions can be found in the manual)

Bean hopper cleaning – We recommend cleaning the bean hopper monthly. Simply switch off the machine and disconnect from the mains. Using the multi tool remove the bean hopper, empty and wipe out with a cloth. Allow the bean hopper to dry completely before refilling, replacing and locking into place with the multi tool.

Clean powder hopper regularly – We recommend cleaning the powder hopper regularly depending on powder consumption. Simply switch off the coffee machine and disconnect from the mains. Use the multitool to remove the powder hopper before emptying. Unscrew the union nut at the front and rear and remove the dosing auger, clean the hopper and dosing auger with a damp cloth and allow to dry before reassembling and replacing, locking in to place with the multi tool.

WMF not only make machines that create world class coffee but ensure cleaning your coffee machine is easy. In the catering industry timing is everything, your customers expect swift service, WMF ensures that cleaning your machine doesn’t keep anyone waiting.



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