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How could gyms improve their coffee sales?

01-Dec-2017 14:04:53 by WMF Marketing Team


We all know that the caffeine content in coffee can have huge benefits in terms of energy levels and motivation, so logically you would think that gyms must sell a huge amount of coffee, right? In reality, gyms often don’t actually sell as much coffee as you would think, and certainly not as much as they could. 

Places like bars and bakeries have been taking advantage of the popularity of coffee culture for years now, but why is it that gyms haven’t seen the same level of success?


Coffee and athletic performance

Research has shown that caffeine can be an incredibly powerful training aid, especially for endurance sports. Caffeine has been shown to reduce athletes finish times by an average of 3%, with some results being as high as 17%. This may not seem overly important for your average Joe, but if you’re trying to burn calories it could have a real, measurable benefit.

As the most popular reason for people to purchase a gym membership is to lose weight, getting the most out of each workout would definitely help new gym members to motivate themselves to achieve their training goals.


What can gym owners do to sell more coffee?

With some simple changes to the coffee products on offer, and how these products are marketed to their members, gym owners could make some sizeable increases in their coffee sales.

Firstly, what products are you actually offering? Gym members would either be drinking coffee before a workout to benefit from the caffeine hit, or they would be using it to relax and reenergise after a tough workout. Having a wider and less conventional variety of coffee based beverages specifically aimed at pre/post workout would go a long way towards making the most out of the coffee offering. For example, gyms could offer smaller drinks that are quick and not filling as pre workout drinks, then more traditional lattes and cappuccinos as post workout energising treats. They could even go to the point of splitting the menu into 2 categories, making it simple for members to choose the right beverage. 

Also, what about advertising the drinks on-site? Specifically marketing products to customers in a way that directly relates to their training goals can really help members to see coffee as a training aid rather just than an indulgent treat. For the post workout drinks, changing rooms are a great place for posters advertising these, catching people just as they need energising the most!

Of course the quality of the products themselves is of huge importance as well. You can’t expect staff in a gym to be expert baristas as well as expert trainers. Gyms would need a coffee machine that makes perfect coffee with no training at all, and has the ability to offer a huge variety of different drink options.


The WMF 1100 S is a machine that has something for everyone. From hot beverages with or without milk, to those with or without milk foam – espresso, cappuccino, café crème, espresso macchiato or caffè latte – the beverage variety is endless.

Plus you have the option to include customised advertising messages to the drink selection screen for self-service use. Images and videos can be easily recorded, allowing you to promote your latest offers.

The WMF 1100 S is also compatible with the MyCoffee App, which enables the preparation of personalised coffee drinks and combinations. For example, with the app you can specify the coffee-to-milk ratio or the strength of the coffee. Simply create your favourite drink, save the recipe and request it from the coffee machine as often as you like, everyone is bound to find something to their taste.


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