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Chosen your Valentine? This blog may change your mind…

10-Feb-2017 10:58:42 by WMF Marketing Team


Valentine’s day is just around the corner, we’re sure you all have big romantic gestures planned for your significant others, or a plan to wow that special person you have been crushing on since before Christmas (if not you need to shake a leg!). It is such a magical time of year, with love in the air, people thinking selflessly and showing their loved ones just how much they mean to them.

Our valentine this year, however, will be an extra special one. With us every day, helping to get through the hard times in life and never turning its back - but always being overlooked and taken for granted… we will be asking if coffee will be our Valentine this year, and here’s why it should be yours too!


Why should you ask coffee to be your Valentine?

Coffee is there for anyone who needs it day in and day out, no matter what. Not only is it there for you in times of loneliness, it also brings you close to loved ones.

  • Tired and cold – grab a coffee
  • Big meeting – have a coffee to focussed
  • Monday morning syndrome – have 2 coffees (or 5)
  • Catch up with friends – let’s grab a coffee
  • First date – let’s get a coffee sometime
  • One liners – I’d like to espresso how much you bean to me
  • Making breakfast in bed for your partner – coffee is a must
  • Need an excuse to eat cake at 9am – have it with a cup of coffee


Our love for coffee is a love like no other, so we urge you to reconsider your Valentine’s choice this year. The competition is tough though, you’ll have to work hard to beat our poem:


A poem to my greatest love

I’m thinking of you, every day now it seems
My first thought as I wake, forever in my day dreams
It brings me great comfort to know that you’re always near
A morning without you is my deepest fear
You help me focus and even relax on a break
But you are a bad influence when it comes to cake
Sometimes I share you with a few of my friends
Brewtiful aroma, body and blends
Out and about, at work or at home
I can rely on you, I never feel alone
Coffee please be my valentine, oh please don’t say no
I love every one of you, latte to cappuccino.



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Written by WMF Marketing Team

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