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Coffee industry grows for 20th year running

18-Jan-2019 12:29:10 by WMF Marketing Team

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The coffee industry in the UK has continued to grow yet again in 2018, according to a recent industry report. The turnover for coffee shops across the country has grown by 7.9% compared to 2017, marking the 20th consecutive year of growth for the high street’s favourite beverage. With the numerous economic ups and downs over the years, it’s astounding that the coffee shop sector has managed to not only remain strong, but to keep growing every single year.


Success despite high street difficulties

As the UK high street has been beginning to suffer in recent years with the increased popularity and convenience of online shopping, coffee shops are somehow doing better than ever. The bigger digital presence may have been a contributing factor, with social media being a vital marketing tool for the major coffee retailers. A larger focus on digital products is bound to be important in the coming year, such as the delivery service that Starbucks have begun to trial for example.

The UK economy does pose a risk in 2019 though, with the uncertainties around Brexit making it very difficult to predict how the industry will fare in the coming year. It’s not yet clear how factors such as coffee prices, labour shortages and customer confidence will be affected, so it might not all be smooth sailing over the coming 12 months.


Other interesting stats

Here are some other interesting stats from the report about the coffee shop sector in 2018:

  • The UK coffee shop market is worth an estimated £10.1billion
  • Branded coffee shop outlets have grown by 8.7%
  • 25,483 coffee shop outlets across the UK
  • The latte is the most popular coffee, followed by cappuccino and americano

Coffee report - allegra

Image soured from Allegra - World Coffee Portal

The continued growth of the coffee market even in the face of quieter high streets makes one thing clear – now is the time to invest in providing great quality coffee to your customers. As the industry grows so too do customer’s expectations, so the importance of consistently great tasting coffee is higher than ever. That’s why WMF coffee machines use cutting edge automation technology to ensure every single cup of coffee produced tastes perfect.

There is a machine to suit businesses of every size. Such as top of the range bean to cup machines like the WMF 1500 S+ that don’t require any staff training whatsoever, or the classic styling of the WMF espresso for those who prefer a traditional hand-made coffee. Download a brochure to see the full range.


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