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Part II - Future trends: What does the future hold for coffee?

24-Feb-2017 12:58:00 by WMF Marketing Team


Give the people what they want, more coffee trends! Our blog post from last week was very well received (read it here if you haven’t already), so we are back with some more future coffee trends to excite you even more. 

When researching about what the future may hold for coffee, a common theme does seem to be arising. Coffee is much more than a taste, more than just caffeine, people are focusing more so around the culture and experience. So, for part two of the blog we’re looking at some new experiences.


Bottled and canned “Ready-to-drink” coffee

Although bottled and canned coffee isn’t new to the market, it’s going to be more widespread and rolled out by large companies. Coca-Cola recently announced that they have a strategy to compete aggressively in the cold brew category.


Their iced tea brand Gold Peak will be introducing two flavours of cold-brew coffee this year; Salted Caramel and Almond Toffee. Not only that, they will also be producing Dunkin’ Donuts branded iced coffee beverages too. With four flavours to be sold in stores and supermarkets; Original, Mocha, Espresso and French Vanilla.


“The demand for coffee of all varieties cannot be overstated”

Geoff Henry, vice president, coffee and tea, Coca-Cola North America


coffee-on-tap.jpgCoffee on tap

Pint of coffee with an espresso chaser please...

Ever wished you could enjoy coffee the way you enjoy beer: cold, creamy and bubbly? Then nitro coffee has made your dreams come true! Nitro coffee has been talked about a lot in recent years, it’s really starting to make waves now though. 

The coffee is treated with nitrogen and/or carbon dioxide under high pressure, then chilled in a keg and served on draught with a foamy head like a Guinness. The tiny bubbles make it seem sweeter and less acidic. Rich, creamy and silky smooth, nitro is a summer-ready cold coffee we can get excited about. Lunchtime pub visits are looking even better now! Make sure you watch your caffeine levels though.


Coffee and alcohol, a great pair?

One third of consumers aged 22-34 want to see more coffee houses serving alcohol in 2017 - report Mintel research. While alcohol and coffee pairings are nothing new, bars are utilising coffee in cocktails in innovative and interesting ways. You can expect to see much more than an espresso martini on cocktail menus soon.

Again, this stems from the culture of coffee evolving. Live music in coffee shops is picking up too, which will only increase the demand for alcohol even further.


Speciality shift

The balance is shifting, the quality of the coffee is becoming more important than the price. People now have a much greater appreciation of what it takes to make a great cup of coffee. With the popularity of coffee still on the rise, consumers are becoming more and more knowledgeable, and are taking more consideration before a purchase. Where are the beans from? Have they been harvested ethically? What was the roasting/brewing process?


Do you have any other trends to add? We would love to hear from you! Drop them in the comments section below.



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