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Awards at WMF

04-Aug-2017 14:33:51 by WMF Marketing Team

WMF has been honoured with many awards in over 160 years of business, and the recent year has been no different. Our experience enables us to not only build machines which are easy to clean and use, but we ensure they are built to last, with various functions to meet user’s needs.

All the brands within the WMF Group abide by the same philosophy, which has been recognised as always delivering on promises.

We relentlessly aim to deliver: 
  • Innovative products of the highest quality with sophisticated design and outstanding functionality
  • A pleasurable and inspiring multi-channel shopping experience, be it in our own retail stores, at one of our trade partners or online
  • Best in class after sales service


Recent Awards:

Best Brand Award

The WMF brand has been honoured at the internationally renowned German Best Brands Awards 2017. In February this year, WMF was named in the top ten for the “Best Product Brand” category at the awards ceremony in Munich. The brand has positioned itself as a partner in the hearts of people lives. 

The prestigious Germanys Best Brand Awards are presented based on consumer feedback and marketing data, to the successful brand leaders and attractive brands across the country. Honouring unique brands and brand pioneers in a variety of different categories.


KÜCHE Gold Award – Coffee Machines

WMF Coffee machines has also received a KÜCHE Gold Award in the “Coffee Machine” category. This award is especially distinguished, as the winners are chosen by industry professionals, such as chefs and kitchen managers.

The award was won due to the high quality standard of parts used in WMF products, which guarantees a robust machine, whilst still remaining great value for money. The thought put into user experience, using automation where possible and the ease of use and cleaning was also mentioned. The high capacity the machine can deliver, plus the 8” touch screen display was just the icing on the cake.


AHGZ Best Brand Award – Third year running

In November WMF stole the show at AHGZ awards in the coffee machine category with the highest overall score by far, with an incredible 85%. The most impressive result came in brand recognition: 97% of those polled said they had heard of the WMF brand in connection with coffee machines.

Here’s a run through of the other results:

  • Quality of products: 90% expressed a positive opinion
  • Coffee machine manufacturers in terms of innovation: 82%
  • Ease of use: 93%
  • Customer service: 90%

Read more about this award here

AHGZ award.jpg 


Let’s see what the next year brings!



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Written by WMF Marketing Team

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